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acdc are able to offer a RIBA accredited Continual Personal Development course to architects across the UK.

The principles of outdoor architectural lighting:             

Lighting is a key factor in new urban design, enhancing our social life around the clock.

Light shapes our urban environments defining their character and identity, enhancing our quality of life by encouraging people to explore, experience and play.

This inspirational CPD will focus on the principles of architectural lighting defining the key methods & techniques of how & why to integrate lighting into an architectural façade.

The principles of Bridge Lighting        Bridge Lighting - Osijek Bridge

Through a collaborative creative approach,
architectural lighting design can make bridges look stunning, creating views that amaze whilst giving people a complete experience with light. It’s all about the wow factor – Creating memories time and time again.

Lighting a bridge can create a centrepiece in the hours of darkness, creating a new destination or meeting point bringing people out of their homes.

Register for this CPD which focusses on how through fundamental application methods of lighting, any bridge – old or new can become the centrepiece within a community.

Plazas and Landscape Lighting    

A new language of light. Through integrated light we frame the plaza, through guidance we open up new space, enabling you to experience, explore and play.

By lighting a plaza or a landscape, a new urban setting is created in the hours of darkness. Bringing people out of their homes by creating a new destination, a node or a meeting point which amazes with light.

This CPD will focus on the role integrated light can play within a landscape and plaza space, creating a place to experience, explore and play.

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