acdc’s IGLu at One Beam of Light…

Written by acdc on August 6, 2013>


One Beam of Light is a global photography project that seeks to inspire and engage people interested in lighting, by focusing on a collection of photographs, all of which start with a single source of light, stripped to its bare minimum.

Over 360 entries were submitted, and the Shortlist ran to over 100 images, which the Panel then curated to showcase the philosophy behind the One Beam of Light project in April this year.

Irene Bas as lighting designer and photographer Alvaro Valdecantos came together to form a personal research project under the name Lightmade to develop pilot projects that combine light and photography, thus participating in the call and being honored with the photos of the series Reflections and Lightmade.

Lighting supplied by acdc and our distribution partner Difusiona

Irene and Alvaro also worked to produce these amazing videos, which show the creation of interactive experiences between light, architecture and people.

For full details of the projects and to find out more about Alvaro Valdecantos and Irene Bas, please click on the following links:


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