Night of Heritage Light shows Oxford landmarks in a new light

Written by acdc on October 3, 2017>


On 29th September, Oxford was the focus for the third Night of Heritage Light where six of the University’s most recognised buildings were the subject of creative lighting designs in a stunning display by the Society of Light and Lighting.

The event takes place three years after the first NoHL gained national attention for its ambitious project lighting nine World Heritage Sites. The overall objective of the event is to bring the expertise of lighting designers to the public through lighting buildings which are not usually lit. Alongside the NoHL, local students were  challenging local students to come up with their own lighting designs for specific buildings with the winning designs being realised by a team of lighting experts.

Working with Bob Bohannon and Julien Caquineau of Lux Populi, acdc were delighted to donate our linear Blade Max and Fusion 48 floodlight fittings to provide a stunning wall wash for their installation at The Ashmolean Museum.

The lighting scheme concept created by Lux Populi both highlighted and celebrated the museum’s beautiful architecture and the images taken on the evening can be seen below.


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