Q and PLAZA to feature in ‘Future Space’ art installation – Milan Design Week

Written by acdc on April 16, 2018>


As the creative driving force in architectural lighting we are excited to be asked to provide the lighting on Peter Pitchler’s Future Space art installation for Milan Design week – in collaboration with DomusGaiai.

Set in the main courtyard of Milan State Uni the woody structure is Peter’s vision of A story from the past for a vision of the future. The organic form of the nest’s reflecting nature embodies the place that has always been inhabited by man and transformed by architecture over time.

acdc’s recessed in- ground fittings ‘Q‘  create luminous points guiding the visitor inside the structure. As the Q spotlights are lit one at a time they progressively guide the visitor inwards. There will be a switch to the start of the walkway to start the scene with PLAZA  illuminating the whole structure – controlled by a Litecom control system.




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