Q and PLAZA feature in ‘Future Space’ art installation – Milan Design Week

Written by acdc on June 16, 2018>


As the creative driving force in architectural lighting we are excited to be asked to provide the lighting on Peter Pitchler’s Future Space art installation for Milan Design week – in collaboration with DomusGaiai.

From the 17th to the 22nd of April the Design Week took place in Milan Italy.
International exhibitors and artists from different industries such as furniture,
lighting, kitchen and bath accessories presented their latest and most exciting
creations during numerous events in the whole city.

Milan based architect Peter Pichler presented his installation “Future Space” a
stunning wood construction, which resembles a nest because of its organic form.
Located in the middle of the university yard the installation instantly captured the
attention of the observer due to its shape and form.

Zumtobel Group Services (ZGS) and acdc equipped the installation with
in-ground LED product Q and their PLAZA floodlights combined with the lighting
control system LITECOM which brings this installation to life in the hours of

The walkway for visitors was created with recessed acdc spotlights that guide
people into the structure. Therefore, the spotlights are lit on progressively one
after another bringing a vivid, dynamic element into the space. PLAZA
floodlights point from the outside inward the installation, creating a vivid
shadow play through the wooden structure all managed by LITECOM to imitate
of the rhythms of human breathing.

The installation by Peter Pichler represents the symbolic dimension of a
primordial refuge, the forest as a place to live. Nature itself embodies the
place that has always been inhabited by man and transformed by architecture
over time. Wood and natural elements make the image of this structure real.
A structure that recalls the sense of inhabiting nature with its atmosphere of
protection and its play of light and shadow.



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