How to be Brilliant is back for 2018

Written by acdc on January 29, 2018>



Especially for students, interns, apprentices and new entrants to the lighting profession. The Institution of Lighting Professionals invites you to a FREE, fun, friendly talk in London.

Meet an inspiring expert who will talk about lighting in a way formal education doesn’t always cover.

So we start an exciting 2018 series on 14th March with Christopher Knowlton, 18 Degrees

HOW TO BE BRILLIANT: Crafting The Intangible (14th March 2018)

Intrinsically linked to our experience of the world around us, light. Intangible at every stage of a project light is one of the most complex creative mediums to master and even more challenging to communicate.

To be brilliant at lighting design you need to become a story teller. From selling the dream to the client through inspiring the electrician to really care about the installation. This session will look at ways in which we can use narrative and communication techniques to convey our craft.

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