How to Be Brilliant with Smoke & Mirrors- 30th November

Written by acdc on November 6, 2017>


Graham & Ingo are two London based lighting designers and light
artists who founded GNI Projects in 2009. Since then, the team have
completed a series of light art installations for festivals in Germany,
England and France with a permanent project viewable in Davos,
Switzerland. The team have also enjoyed a number of successful
collaborations with music and fashion industry professionals, and
most recently won the ‘Art-Low Budget’ award at the Darc Awards

In many of their works, they deliberately try to simplify each
element as much as possible throughout the design process,
striping the physical design back to form follow function principles.
Their works strive to create an element of interaction between a
piece and the viewer.

Be amazed by Graham & Ingo and join the rest of the How To Be
Brilliant team at The Shed, 88 Lee Street, Haggerston, London, E8
4DY and learn how to be brilliant with Smoke & Mirrors on 30th
November 2017.
The images are but a taster of the inspiring projects they have
worked on.


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