GNI Projects Design Palooza

Written by acdc on November 7, 2013>


Graham Rollins and Ingo Kalecinski are founding members of GNI projects, a collective of designers who strive to create new, intriguing multi-disciplinary objects, installations and imagery through solo commissions and collaborations with people from a variety of design backgrounds and specialties.

On the 26th November Graham and Ingo will  talk at the acdc studio about  the inspiration behind their work and will present their first laser sculpture  conceived for the Luminale in Frankfurt 2010 in association with acdc.

Says Graham ” Working with the IALD  as part of their Design Palooza series  is a fantastic opportunity for GNI to talk about the power and the beauty of light, a central theme in our work and with our Light Loves laser installation,  to promote how artists and designers can work collaboratively with manufacturers like acdc with truly inspiring results.”

Please visit GNI’s website for more details

Please contact Emma Cogswell, Associate IALD, at for more information.


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