HTBB with Colin Ball – 25th April 2018

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Colin Ball, Lighting director at BDP
HOW TO BE BRILLIANT: The darkness of the unconscious

Date: Thursday 25th April 2018
Venue: Body and Soul, Roseberry Avenue, London, EC1R 4RE

Our unconscious response to light is hugely important to lighting designers and architects. Colin’s talk will look at this from the point of view of Depth Psychology. Rather than the many studies of the mechanical responses of the brain which cover circadian rhythms and pineal glands, we explore the responses of the unconscious: responses to light that trigger something of meaning, something buried within each of us yet discernible as a cultural archetype.

Drawing on work from Picasso, Jung and other artists, scientists and philosophers, Colin will demonstrate how our fear of darkness is formed and why it matters that this affects our world now.

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