IALD and acdc Chase the Dark

Written by acdc on December 6, 2013>


Light has an amazing intrinsic beauty that can connect communities and breathe life into dead space as well as providing safety. With these thoughts in mind acdc worked with the IALD to host an initiative called Chase the Dark designed to encourage a global discourse on the power and beauty of light in the urban environment.

Chase the Dark took place on the 14th November 2013 starting in Melbourne and stretching around the globe to close out in San Francisco.

The concept of Chase the Dark was simple, much like the fireworks on New Year’s eve exploding in time sequence across the world,  teams of IALD lighting designers took to the streets in their cities to create temporary mini lit scenes that were witnessed in photographs and posted to Twitter #ialdchasedark.

Whilst the activity in each city only involved a handful of people, through the power of social media we were able to project our message to a wider global audience. Naturally, there was some stiff international competition! “I left my heart in San Francisco” and “Beatles” from our very own Rebel Light distributors proved particularly popular shots on the night.

London was the home city for Chase the Dark, we held our first event to great success in February 2013 in the acdc London Studio, so this time around we decided we needed something different to help put our night on the map. We collaborated with Jonathan Mizzi from Mizzi Studios, a London based architect and light artist to create a light net casting a beautiful glow across the waters of St Katharine Docks composed of 1000 mini acdc ice cubes.

Whilst the dramatics on the night captured on film were truly magical, the real message with an event like Chase the Dark is how it can bring people together from professional architectural communities but also allow conversations to start with building owners and end users.  The light cubes showed how even small sources of  light when planned carefully,  could be used to transform the urban environment to witty, innovative and stunning effect, it is in its essence a celebration of and endorsement of  the power and importance of efficient, well thought out lighting design.

Check out the progress made on our Chase the Dark night on Twitter #ialdchasedark



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