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Written by acdc on October 10, 2014>


acdc and the ILP are delighted to welcome Iain Ruxton to the London studio to present ‘How to be brilliant @ everything’ on the 25th November.

Twenty years of experience has taught Iain Ruxton of Speirs + Major that lighting designers need a very broad scope of knowledge, skills and interests. And they’re not necessarily the things on an academic lighting syllabus.  So here’s one take on what makes a great lighting designer. You can’t be brilliant at all of it, but a narrow focus, whether technical or creative, isn’t going to take you to the top. Specialise later… generalise first!

Iain has over 18 years of experience as a lighting designer joining Jonathan Speirs and Associates (later to become Speirs + Major) in 1996.  During these years he has worked on a large variety of projects including: Burj Al Arab and Jumeirah Beach in Dubai, Heathrow Terminal Five, The Trump International Tower in Toronto, Utrecht’s In Lumine Tuo and the world’s tallest building – Burj Khalifa.  He has also worked on lighting strategy and masterplanning projects in the UK, Middle East and China. He lectures widely at numerous events speaking on topics ranging from LED technologies and energy efficiency issues to narratives in lit landscapes and the semiotics of light. He has led teaching workshops and has also written in both the national and international press. He currently writes a monthly opinion(ated) page in a UK lighting magazine. Iain is a self-confessed technology geek, a keen photographer and outdoor enthusiast. He lives in Edinburgh and London.


25th November
18:30 to 21:00


These are free, fun, friendly, accessible get togethers with a different focus each month. Expert speakers will cover the details of your lighting career that formal training may not have covered.

With talks, workshops, refreshments and a chance to meet up with others in the same boat, How To Be Brilliant is hosted by acdc in their London studio and organised by the Institution of Lighting Professionals.

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