How To Be Brilliant At.. Moving From Classroom to Client

Written by acdc on May 18, 2015>


James Siddle – 30 June 2015 Acdc London Studio How To Be Brilliant At.. Moving From Classroom to Client In the summer of 2014, James graduated from the University of South Wales with a 1st Class Honours degree in Lighting Design and Technology, and is now a Technical Lighting Designer at Ideaworks. He designs lighting schemes and their control systems for the most prestigious private residences, nightclubs, cinemas and superyachts in the world. Entering the lighting design industry is not an easy task, but at 17 he made the decision to try. Hear about James’ journey from classroom to client; in a short space of time he’s swapped university assignments for incredible projects – both in the UK and internationally. He’ll talk about how he found his feet, met the right contacts, dealt with high pressure deadlines and demands and responded to failure – all whilst trying to jump on every opportunity available to him. James has always put his head above the parapet all in the name of ambition and the future. He has the same aspirations as most other young lighting designers – to continue to work on the most exciting projects, to be head of practice, and to always be able to say ‘I love my job!’ Get your seat booked now to hear James speak!


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