Plus 50ºC to Minus 20ºC – acdc Products fit the bill

Written by acdc on January 29, 2015>


Product improvements and rigorous lifetime testing will allow acdc products to be installed in even the harsher of environments. Solid thermal engineering along with excellent product design by the company’s in house design and engineering team, can now allow for the specification of products in hot 50 degree and sub-zero minus 20 degree atmospheres, confirming acdc’s reputation for high quality premium specification LED products.

CEO Gareth Frankland confirmed the results, adding “we are really confident in the design of our products, and their thermal performance which ensures lifetime product performance.  The nature of LED’s and their long life, low maintenance characteristics mean that they are installed in some pretty challenging locations and environments, and the independent tests carried allow us to give the designer even clearer guidelines and broader opportunities for specification.”

Frankland added, “acdc has a strong reputation in Middle East markets, and these test further establish acdc as an industry leader in the architectural LED market.”


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