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  • BLADE is a family of LED linear lighting luminaires that change the way we see buildings and structures at night.

    BLADE grazes their light across the surface so we can see texture or completely change it with a spectrum of colour.  By day you won’t know it’s there, at night BLADE comes alive.

     Minimalistic Design:

    • Minimal in its design, an in- ground fitting with integral driver, which is unobtrusive and blends seamlessly into the chosen environment.

     Clean Beam Design :

      • Using one LED linear lighting optic which runs consistently across the length of the product. eliminates scalloping
      • New mixing chamber technology means the colours are mixed within the luminaire rather than on the surface thus producing an even lit effect

    Broad choice as standard:

    • Various lengths are available with a wide choice of optic sizes
    • 4 Colour temperatures to choose from including RGB
    • Silver and Black finishes

    Complete Glare Control:

    • The light source is recessed into the body to provide a primary level of glare control. To give a further level of protection a louvre makes it incredibly comfortable to view in any environment.

     Installation and mounting:

    • Most of the fittings you will buy are in the middle of a run, therefore we have provided a cable the length of its own body to connect to the previous product.
    • The luminaire has an IK09 walkover rating.
    • IP67 rated.

    Global Application:

    • Suitable for wall grazing on building façades and surroundings, and highlighting objects in the public realm. They are suitable for outdoor applications with IP67 protection and for ambient environments up to 50ºC.

    All acdc products are dual binned within a 2 step MacAdam ellipse to guarantee colour consistency and supplied with a 5 year guarantee

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