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    ECLIPSE guides the way with a rainbow spectrum of light.  These tiny recessed outdoor lights  feel at home in the ground or in a wall radiating with white or colourful light. They guide and illuminate the way through our outdoor spaces. Eclipse is a real showman, they love painting the town, making the normal interesting without blinding passers-by.

    Minimalistic Design:

    • Incredibly compact and beautifully designed to blend seamlessly within the architectural environment. Smooth eyelid design and flanged bezel minimises glare.

    Clean Beam Design (CBD Technology:

    • ECLIPSE’s single point light source design and internal detailing of the luminaire has been designed to ensure outstanding control of the beam angle and the cleanliness of the overall lit effect.

    Broad choice as standard:

    • ECLIPSE has a choice highly efficient optics including an uncollimated option. The range has a selection of white colour temperatures and colours which allow you to tune and control the light.

    Complete Glare Control:

    • ECLIPSE are the perfect outdoor lights and give you the ultimate in glare control, the eyelid option hides the light source from the observers so they have a perfect view with any glare.

    Installation and mounting:

    • Quick and easy floor or wall recessed outdoor lights Depending on the type of installation an installation sleeve is available.

    Global Application:

    • Illuminating walkways, bridges and steps in the public realm. They are suitable for outdoor applications with IP67 and for use in ambient temperatures ranging from -20°/+50°C. Providing a level of safeguard when used in extreme and challenging external environments.

    All acdc products are dual binned within a 2 step MacAdam ellipse to guarantee colour consistency and supplied with a 5 year guarantee


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    For full details on this product, please call or email your acdc sales representative:
    Tel: 0845 862 6444

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