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Sackler Crossing - UK

Sackler Crossing - UK

The lighting was sensitively handled in relation to the context of the gardens. As the Royal Botanic Gardens remains mainly dark…

Devonshire Square - UK

Devonshire Square - UK

Speirs + Major developed a lighting scheme that creates a sense of comfort in this cavernous space overlooked by 18th century…




    MAGNA with their timeless design provide beautiful points of interest in the landscape lighting composition so we can enjoy the environment around us during twilight hours and beyond.

    Minimalistic Design:

    • MAGNA is unobtrusive therefore it blends into the environment.
    • Available flush or bezel mounted, with or without visible screw holes
    • Standard 7° tilt for wallwash applications – 0° tilt can be requested.

    Clean Beam Design (CBD) Technology:

    • The optics and internal detailing of the luminaires have been designed to ensure outstanding excellent control of the beam angle hence the overall lit effect is clean.

    Broad choice as standard:

    • Magna is available with a number of highly efficient optic choices, Narrow, Medium, Flood and Uncollimated
    • A range of colour temperatures; 2700K, 3000K and 4000K
    • Available in three finishes; Anodised aluminium Black or Silver, Stainless steel brushed.

    Complete Glare Control:

    • Recessed LED position for complete glare control, hiding the light source for a perfect view.
    • Frosted glass option available for those applications that need a little extra help.
    • Installation and mounting: MAGNA is installed in-ground with or without sleeve depending on the environment where they are being installed.  We’ve got it covered.

    Global Application:

    • They are suitable for outdoor applications with IP67 and for use in ambient temperatures ranging from -20°/+50°C. Providing a level of safeguard when used in extreme and challenging external environments.

    All acdc products are dual binned within a 2 step MacAdam ellipse to guarantee colour consistency and supplied with a 5 year guarantee.

    Want technical specifications?  Go to our download tab above or to discuss your requirements in more detail please call or email one of our team: Tel: 0845 862 6444




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