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  • An ultra slim and compact linear led marker light.

    Good things come in small packages

    Sleek in it’s design and no taller than a credit card, this outdoor marker light is small in size and unobtrusive.

    The result? VISTA blends seamlessly into any facade or in-ground design.

    Broad choice

    VISTA lengths are 310, 610 and 1210mm in RGBW and 2700K, 3000K, 4000K.

    Homogeneous illumination

    VISTA ensures an outstanding and consistent lit effect across the whole surface.

    Here, there and everywhere

    VISTA can be mounted, semi-recessed or recessed so it’s ideal for facades, plazas, and public realm applications.

    Rated at IP67 and for use in ambient temperatures (-20°C / +50°C), VISTA provides a level of safeguard when used in challenging environments.

    Simple installation

    Installation can be carried out by one person, and a plug and play system means the luminaires can be fitted end-to-end for a continous lit effect.

    For in-ground applications VISTA LRx is just the ticket and our in-ground installation sleeve can be purchased to ensure ease of installation for drive over application.


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