Gareth Frankland


Gareth header v3.jpg

As the owner and CEO of acdc, Gareth’s progressive thinking has made a massive impact of the success of the company in recent years. Since his management buy-out in 2004, at the age of 30, Gareth has driven the company forward at a dramatic rate.

His admirable determination to deliver the company’s corporate vision and dedication to the company’s ambitious growth plans has made a significant impact on the direction and achievements of the business.

In the recent unpredictability of the UK’s financial climate, Gareth has risen to the challenge and adapted the company’s strategies in true entrepreneurial style, steering the focus towards international business and resulting in the company’s explosive growth. He is a prominent industry figure and recognised for his passion for the future of LED technology and innovative approach.

Responsibility for the overall objectives of the business, his plans for acdc to remain forward-thinking and to be recognised as one of the Top 3 architectural LED companies in the world in the next 3 years is sure to be realized.


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