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Energy & efficiency

With ever increasing energy tariffs, LED lighting offers the most cost effective medium and long term sustainable solution for your business.

Realistically an LED solution, although more expensive in the short term, will pay for itself in around three years, after that time everything is a cost saving when compared to a traditional lighting solution.

A well designed and manufactured LED luminaire will last for 50,000 hours, with a reduction in light output of no more than 30% over that period. LED’s can also be used as emergency luminaires when specified with an emergency driver, making them an even more attractive and cost effective lighting solution.

Coupled with great design and efficient luminaires, the energy consumption and life of acdc’s LED’s can make significant and long lasting reductions to your lifecycle costs as demonstrated in the visual above. These figures do not include the parasitical load implications of additional emergency fittings required in a traditional light source environment. In addition, the phenomenal speed of LED technological improvements mean these timescales and costs will only reduce.

Furthermore, acdc are committed to sustainability and as such we aim to source our manufacturing components from local UK suppliers and manufacture and distribute all products in and from our UK headquarters.

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