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Our CPD Process

NOT ALL JOBS ARE THE SAME (But not all manufacturers are)

Our promise is to create amazing experiences with light, not just for the people who are amazed by our lighting creations but for the people behind the project – the lighting designers, contractors, architects, installers and contractors. (The forgotten heroes).

There may be times when a project needs something a little bit different, you might even think – if only that product had a different LED colour or optic size or colour finish.  Well there’s no need to sit with your head in your hands.  Give our CPD team a call

They will go through the whole process with you to ensure you get that job.  First step is understanding what is required and our experienced friendly team will work with you to get to grips with the project requirements, budgets, quantities and timescales.

Our support doesn’t stop there, (oh no!).  We will track the progress of your enquiry and react to any last minute changes to the design (there’s always something that needs tweaking).   Once everyone is happy and we have the green light to go, we will then provide you with everything you need to order –  a custom product number (so you know exactly where we are up to) all order codes and we will confirm how quickly we can make the fittings (systems are go).

All sound good?  Great – Here’s the thing, to make sure we customise things quickly for you we have a little criteria for CPD projects.  We have split the enquiries into different types M, K and P types.

So here is how projects will be qualified:

These are projects that need internal and electronic changes that do not require new manufacturing drawings we would be looking at a minimum of 25 fittings

These are slightly more complicated projects that require changes to a fitting accessory or a component which requires new manufacturing drawings and we would be looking for a minimum of 125 fittings

This is where we use our engineering and design experience to provide a new product and bespoke project solution.  This type or CPD is for a minimum of 500 fittings

All make sense? Excellent, so next time you get a project that needs something a little special – just remember not all manufacturers are the same –  at acdc we do things differently here.

Got a project in mind? Great! Simply complete our CPD enquiry form and the team will be back in touch shortly!

Alternatively, you can give us a call 0845 862 6454 or email us acdc.cpd@zumtobelgroup.com




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