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Plazas and Landscapes

Lighting is a key player in new urban design.

Integrated light can frame a plaza and through guidance new spaces are opened. By lighting a plaza or landscape, a new urban setting is created in the hours of darkness. Creating an inviting place to catch up with friends, to relax with a coffee, or a place to simply watch the world go by.

Download our latest segment guide as we discuss ‘A new language of light’.


Our Plazas and Landscapes Application Webinar – Available on demand

Hosted by our Application’s Director Dan Hodgson, our webinars aim to inspire and educate!


Catch up with our Applications Director Dan Hodgson as he discusses a New Language of Light.

Touching on acdc’s 5 ways to light within a Parks and Landscape space, Dan discusses how integrated light can frame the plaza. How guidance can open up the space – creating a place to experience, explore and play.



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