Avala Tower, Belgrade – Serbia

Belgrade is a city with strong identity and preserved integrity. Regardless of the blows of the past,  the city lives and breathes in the present whilst boldly stepping forward into the future.

Standing at 204.5 m (671 ft.) tall, Avala Tower (located on Avala mountain in Belgrade) has taken a giant leap into the future. The original telecommunications tower was finished in 1965, but was destroyed in the NATO bombing of Serbia on 29th April 1999. On 21st December 2006, The reconstruction of Avala Tower commenced on 21st December 2006, officially opening at a ceremony in 2010.

A well-known landmark, not only in Belgrade but also Serbia and the former Yugoslavia too, Avala Tower is currently the tallest tower in the Balkan region and the most important telecommunication facility to serve television and radio broadcasters and mobile operators. As a symbol of new technologies and prosperity, this lighting project is an important reference for Zumtobel Group and has a national importance for the people of Belgrade.

The big concrete pillar is illuminated with 45 FUSION luminaires from the acdc portfolio – installed from the all three sides (6 from above and 6 from below). The “legs” of the pillar are illuminated with 2 FUSIONs on the each side with 3 luminaires on the antenna. This project is controlled by Sensa DMX Controller allowing for different lighting scenes to be created ensuring the tower is lit in its entirety. The lighting was gently spilling from one color to another during the opening ceremony held in front of the Avala Tower on 19th October.

See the stunning open ceremony here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLpaC31X91M

Zumtobel Group are very grateful to all the team members involved in this project, especially to Igor Albunovic who was managing the project, and also to Nikola Paunovic and Tomislav Griva who commissioned the system. In addition, we are very grateful to Maja Kraker and Goran Asceric from Light Design Center who made the lighting design.

The Avala Tower is one of the top five tourist destinations in Belgrade and through its new illumination it will be visible from all over the city – symbolising Belgrade’s bold step forward into the future.




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