Bitexco Financial Tower – Vietnam

Location               Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Architect               Carlos Zapata / AREP

Lighting design     ATEA

acdc product         Taurus


At 68 storeys tall, the Bitexco Financial Tower is the tallest building in Ho Chi Minh City. Standing at a height of 262m and boasting a floor area of over 93,000 sq.m, the project to build the ambitious tower required a total investment of over 270 million Euros. The Bitexco Financial Tower is an iconic symbol of the development of Ho Chi Minh City and asserts its identity through its height and its geometry of taut curves rising up from the dense city below.

Designed by New York architect Carlos Zapata, the building was inspired by the time honoured symbol of Vietnam – the Lotus Flower. In particular, the helicopter landing pad on the 50th floor and the observation post on the 47th floor are reminiscent of the sweeping lines created by the silhouette of the flower.

Design brief

Beautiful by day, the building quite literally lights up the sky at night. acdc’s commitment to developing market-leading architectural lighting products was key in securing the project as, due to the challenging location of the fittings, there were multiple factors to consider as well as the aesthetics of the luminaire. The project required a long life, low maintenance light source for which there is only one truly ideal solution: LED.

acdc’s LED solution

LED technology offers 50,000 hours lifetime to 70% lumen maintenance of consistent output negating the need for regular maintenance checks. Thus taking pride of place in the lighting scheme are over 1350 of acdc’s award winning LED Taurus fittings; a high visibility, IP65 exterior marker light that combines an aluminium housing with a strong, domed polycarbonate diffuser to create a fitting that is ideal for highlighting exterior features and lighting tall structures.

Equipped with 2.3W Rebel LED’s, Taurus was specified by our French distributor ATEA Lighting who brought their know-how on LED technology to offer this maximum impact, sustainable solution for lighting the exterior facade of the building. These long life LED fittings provided a stunning lighting design with breath-taking results. Arranged on a grid, the effect constitutes an envelope of light at the very pinnacle of the tower, which is quite literally visible for miles – but unbelievably, consumes less than 3500W of energy.


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