BMI Lounge Lobby – UK

Location:                     Heathrow Airport, London, UK

Client:                          BMI

Lighting designer:        Andrew Bissell, Cundall Light4

acdc products:            Cold Cathode and LED: Atlantis, GeniusFino & Pro Evolution


BMI, the number one airline out of London Heathrow’s terminal 1, recently announced the opening of its new international lounge, BMI Number One Heathrow. The flagship lounge was conceived with customer comfort in mind and provides a stylish well lit environment in which to work, relax, dine and refresh.  The space is divided into informal zones that cater to the varying needs of the international traveler with the emphasis being on providing a sense of comfort and familiarity.

Project brief

Cundall Light4 worked alongside the architect and branding consultant to create a home from home; with the area being divided to provide a welcome hall, lounge, kitchen, dining area, study, restaurant and a bar.  Due to the airside location of the lounge, it was also critical that the light sources offered minimum maintenance.

acdc’s solution

The lighting scheme played a key role in delivering the brand and the interior architecture. The lamp colour was selected based on the use of the space, e.g. warm for the bar, crisp white for the kitchen and study etc. The style of the lighting was selected to suit the mood and recreate the homely feel.  The area for relaxing made use of the bio-dynamic lighting where the coffers were lit using warm white to cool blue LEDs to simulate the colour of the daylight sky.  Genius luminaires were mounted closely together with different beam angles to create the desired lit effect along with Atlantis fittings which provided a softer finish.  The space feels bright and vibrant during the day and relaxed, calm and warm in the evening.  

Cundall Light4 initially had reservations about fully using LED, so acdc was the perfect choice as they offered a variety of LEDs along with Cold Cathode.  Commenting on the project, Andrew Bissell of Cundall Light4 noted, “We were very happy with the finished product, there was not a single fault with anything”.

Other products supplied by acdc include the Pro Evolution which was chosen for its outstanding lamp efficacy with highly efficient LED optics harnessing over 85% of light output; and Fino, a superbly compact high output luminaire.  Andrew added “all of the light sources are low energy and long life type to reduce maintenance and energy consumption, exactly what we were looking to achieve”.

During a second commissioning night which occurred after the lounge had opened, a number of the business users of the space became interested in the design, specifically the LED technology and the daylight simulation colour shift; as a result Cundall Light4 found themselves giving a short talk on the project and the various acdc products installed.





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