City of Nis – Republic of Serbia

The city of NIS is the administrative, industrial, commercial, financial and cultural centre of the south-eastern part of the Republic of Serbia. The position of Niš is strategically important, located at the intersection of European highway and railway networks connecting Europe with Asia.

The project includes some of the most prestigious and historical sites in Nis.  The Heritage Archive founded in 1948 by decision of the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of Serbia. The National library “Stevan Sremac” – one of the oldest cultural institutions in the city and the first public library in South Serbia, The National Theatre – dating back to the fourth century, Nis symphonic orchestra – Highly valued as it was the first orchestra to be based outside of the capital Belgrade Museum of City of Nis – the largest and oldest museum in Serbia

The brief

In 2016, the city of Niš approached parent company – Zumtobel Group with an exterior lighting brief to provide creative exterior lighting to the façades of these historically important buildings.  The city wanted them to become both visible and stunning by night. The lighting needed to reflect the purpose of the architecture and the location of the building.  The ultimate goal was to bring the building to life at night, giving the space a beautiful focal point.

What we did

For the National Theatre, the city wanted a spectacular new look as the original exterior lighting was old and tired. (A complete new makeover).  It was suggested to replace the existing lighting with efficient LED lighting.  Our RGB surface mounted linear BLADE fitting complete with full control using our sister brand Thorn’s Sensa controller was the one for the job.  Why? Because together they create a variety of exciting, dynamic colourful scenes to suit the different events held at the theatre.

As dynamic architectural lighting in the city of Niš is relatively scarce this is a new and exciting development for the city. Giving the building a new identity and providing a wow factor to residents and visitors. (All in a day’s work for acdc).

For the other buildings, the city wanted simple yet elegant illumination. To quote Leonardo da Vinci “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.”

The same considerations as the National Theatre were taken into account – the architecture, the location and the purpose of each building were considered to create a well-balanced and gentle scheme using a combination of linear and floodlight products.  BLADE, INTEGREX AND PLAZA all played their part.

Our linear products were carefully placed within the window reveals and wider columns washing their warm tones in 3000K on the façade using a linear 45°x10° optic.  Whilst the PLAZA family got to work on the decorative pillars.

Both LED lighting products from our linear and floodlight ranges worked in complete harmony to accentuate the height, form and textures of these important buildings.  acdc products were not only chosen for their stunning lit effect and quality, but for the discreet nature of their design and mounting possibilities of the products were key to their selection.  It was extremely important to respect the architecture and history surrounding the building, so there was no impact on how the building appeared in the day.

With a short deadline, and no time for mock-ups, it was more important than ever that our expert lighting team were able to support the whole project from concept to delivery to provide the beautiful illumination the city needed.





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