Devonshire Square – UK

Location               London, UK

Client                    O’Connor Capital Partners/Rockpoint Group

Architect               Fletcher Priest Architects

Lighting design     Speirs + Major

acdc products       Artemis


Built in the late-18th century as warehousing for the famous East India Trading Company, the 12 buildings at Devonshire Square in the City of London once heaved with exotic goods imported from India and the Far East. After standing empty for many years, they underwent 2 major renovation projects in the 70’s and 90’s, transforming them into modern office spaces. The buildings, close to London’s Liverpool Street station, have once again been transformed and are now bustling mixed-use spaces boasting offices, shops, bars, restaurants and alfresco dining.

Project brief

Speirs + Major developed a lighting scheme that creates a sense of comfort in this cavernous space overlooked by 18th century warehouses. Designer Andrew Howis of Speirs + Major commented: “We were acutely aware that the Western Courtyard is dominated by these beautiful but slightly overbearing buildings. The role we played was to create a more human scale at ground level without interfering with the fabric of the buildings.” As the courtyard was covered in a translucent ETFE roof, Speirs + Major wanted to maintain the feeling of an outdoor space. They came to acdc with an exciting challenge; to create the impression of a moonlit landscape with a lighting effect extending to the roof.

acdc’s LED solution

A theatrical wash of blue light was applied to the roof structure to reflect the lighting effect on the ground. To achieve this dramatic effect we worked closely with Speirs + Major to devise a customised product solution based upon our Artemis LED luminaire. Artemis was the obvious choice for this application as it provides strong colour consistency and is a low energy solution. Equally, due to the location of the fittings within the roof structure, LED was the preferred lighting solution given its lifetime and low maintenance benefits; LED luminaires provide 50,000 hours lifetime to 70% lumen maintenance which negates the need to replace them as often, thus reducing or eliminating on-going maintenance and periodic re-lamping costs.


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