Four Seasons Resort, Dubai

The Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeriah Beach is situated on an 11 acre natural waterfront site along the Arabian Gulf. Envisioned as a welcoming enclave by world-renowned architects WATG, the Resort’s fresh, sophisticated and contemporary style is contrived by San Francisco-based interior designers BAMO. Craig Roberts’ (CRA) distinctive style of lighting design adds a special flavour to the beautiful work of architecture.

CRA’s vision required the light fixtures to be inconspicuous and to blend into the structural details of the Spanish-Mediterranean architecture. The project brief furthermore demanded that all LED’s supplied are within a 2 step MacAdam.

CRA’s was convinced by acdc’s secondary binning process that guarantees colour consistency across all products. Once CRA’s stringent technical requirements were met, the acdc US and Middle East offices sprang into action with a whirlwind of product presentations, samples and site mock-ups at CRA’s Dallas office and halfway around the world at the project site in Dubai. Both offices worked in tandem to make sure they deliver CRA’s vision for this outstanding project!

acdc’s FinoBladeIntegrex and Iglu hit the spot for this project and were selected for the façade lighting scheme.

The compact, sleek and flush in-ground fixture “Q” met CRA’s requirement of an inconspicuous luminaire with the ability to blend into the architecture. Q was extensively used by CRA for marker light applications at at the rooftop bar and beach access in the resort.

The product Mondo provides accent lighting across the bathrooms and balconies with a special frosted lens and a special Bronze finish to match the décor. The architectural LED Downlight Arena illuminates the service counters in the casually chic Jean Georges Kitchen café.

Client: Bright Start LLC
Architect: WATG
Interior Designer: BAMO
Lighting Designer: Craig Roberts Associates
Lighting Solution: Fino, Blade, Integrex, Iglu, Q, Mondo, Arena


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