GPO – Australia

Location:                                                              Sydney, Australia

Lighting Design                                                    Point of View Lighting Design

Photography                                                        Brent Winstowne Photography

acdc distribution partner                                       JSB Lighting

acdc products                                                       Artemis


Set amongst commercial towers of the Sydney Central Business District is the heritage building of the GPO. It is a prominent piece of Australian architectural history with classical sandstone and granite carvings, statues and ornamental work. The regal statue of Queen Victoria with her coat of arms and surrounding cherubs guard the historical façade. Crowning the facade the recently restored clock tower bells ring Westminster chimes on the hour.

The building had never been illuminated at night as previous light fixtures were difficult to maintain.  Point Of View were appointed lighting designers to reinvigorate the façade and create a lighting scheme to enhance the night time image of Martin Place and its surroundings.

Project brief

The design scope consisted of the re-lighting of the clock tower and facades of Martin Place, George Street and Pitt Street; with the view to providing a low maintenance solution, using discrete LED fixtures.

acdc’s solution

acdc’s Artemis was chosen because of its reliability and compact size.  It can also be installed in the most challenging of exterior environments due to an IP68 rating, an important issue in today’s ever changing climate.

Artemis offers excellent beam control allowing for the variety of different features to be distinguished.  The decorative arches of the colonnade are subtly lit allowing the faces of the Heads of State to be accented.  Using light and shade the dentals, statues and carvings are revealed at the mid-levels. This is achieved by a Artemis’ narrow beam grazing the textured stonework which were previously encased in darkness. Continuous LED lights softly wash the top balconies highlighting the detailed forms of the upper levels. The lighting here is subtle whilst providing a sense of strength anchoring the clock tower.  .

The LED modules required specific binning from acdc to ensure the lighting effect was consistent in colour and colour rendering.   As all acdc LEDs are dual binned within a 2 step MacAdam ellipse we were confident that we could deliver this.  This took many site trials to achieve the desired effect with the final selection tested in a full-scale mock-up.

Commenting on the project Michel Goupy of POV noted “We specifically wanted a low maintenance option, as this had been a major issue raised in the past.  Artemis was a great choice for us, the installation was completed 2 years ago and there are no signs of wear to the casings or LED output.”

acdc’s global distribution network

Selecting the appropriate LED luminaries for the project was a challenging task for POV, who were assisted throughout by our distribution partner JSB Lighting.  Michel Goupy remarked “the ability to work closely with acdc and JSB Lighting has allowed us to achieve the positive results we see today.  The meticulous selection process proved to be valuable, resulting in achieving the design intent. We can again enjoy the elaborate detailing and craftsmanship of a unique era of Stone Masons during the night”.


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