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Located on the regenerated new South Promenade, the Hampton by Hilton Blackpool features 130 high quality bedrooms with views over the Irish Sea. The hotel is located just a few 5 minute walk from Blackpool’s famous attractions or hop on a tram into Blackpool town centre where you will find the iconic Blackpool Tower.


The hotel is the first large building on the approach to South Beach. The council wanted to create a scene with a wow factor that would dominate the sky line on the approach.

Blackpool illuminations is the towns annual light festival first founded in 1879 and attracts over 3.5 million visitors. The hotel is situated at the gateway of festival and it was important to the end client and the council that a colour change product was used so they could set colour schemes throughout the year.  The scheme also needed to welcome visitors and compliment the towns vibrant energetic nature.

Here’s what we did

The impressive corner glass façade is a prominent feature of the hotel, and we couldn’t wait to get creative with the building.

Working closely with the designers JMC,  together we proposed BLADE MICRO, (15 in total). This slim -line linear fitting can wash up to 10 metres with its standard bright (1500lm) or if you need more punch its extra bright variant gives you 4100lm.

The idea was to wash from top to bottom of the 3 floors of the glass façade and let the 75 VISTA fittings strut their stuff to provide a linear line of light around the circumference of the building, framing the hotel and to accentuate its height.

All fittings have RGB options and can be controlled with stick amaze (in fact this was the first project to be supplied with our new control)

We had to be quick tho’, timescales were tight and there was still the design stage and mock ups to present to the end client and Blackpool Council, so we did what we do best – working together as #oneteam.  The mock up proved to be successful and all involved agreed these were the products that would get the job done in style (obviously).

Its was then over to our procurement team who were tasked with bringing deliver dates forward from our suppliers. Our project management, planning and manufacturing teams pulled it out the bag to turn these fittings around in record time to meet the deadlines. We even made direct deliveries to site in our own vans in order to save time.  Now that’s what I call team work.

We love to hear feedback from our clients and Dave Perry from JMC messaged the team to say “Many thanks for all your hard efforts in achieving the façade lighting scheme at Hampton by Hilton Blackpool”

Your very welcome..




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