Lakeview – UK

Shortlisted for Lighting Design Awards 2013 – Exterior Projects

Location:                                         Manchester, UK

Client:                                             Jerrold Holdings, Blemain Group

Architect:                                         Reid Architects

Lighting design:                                Cundall Light4

Project Director/Partner:                    Andrew Bissell

Photography:                                     © Luke Artingstall

acdc LED products:                          Blade, Spek


Reid Architects has created the new corporate headquarters for the Blemain Group, following their relocation from Manchester to Cheadle.  As part of the move their new home has undergone a radical re-modelling to transform a 1990’s speculative office building into the bespoke headquarters Blemain gave as a brief.

Project brief

Late into the construction process, the client recognised that a lighting designer was needed to achieve his aspiration of creating an eye catching, modern lit entrance, whilst respecting the company’s branding and mix of architectural styles.  As a result Cundall Light4 was commissioned to significantly enhance the existing lighting scheme and reduce energy consumption.

acdc’s solution

Light4 had a close and very detail orientated working relationship with the builder and client, ensuring the quality of the installation met the client’s aspirations; for this project the client made it clear he was willing to invest, so Luke Artingstall from Cundall Light4 selected acdc as “they are able to provide high quality fittings for competitive prices”

The build-up of lighting layers was fundamental to the success of the new entrance approach with the LED light lines distinguishing the buildings individuality with colours which reflected the businesses corporate branding.  The external light line amplified the strong architectural form of the new entrance.  Luke added that “the optical performance of the acdc Blade and Spek luminaires were fundamental to the success of the scheme and the final lit effect.”

The selected luminaires also needed to be as discrete as possible as the client and architect wanted the façade to be kept clean without over cluttering it with bulky obtrusive luminaires.  Blade has been designed to blend seamlessly into a building’s façade; whilst Spek is a compact, discreet luminaire ideal for this application.

Both fittings are also IP68 rated meaning they are able to withstand the most challenging environments, ever more necessary with the considerable changes to the English weather.

One of the major concerns of the client was reducing the total energy consumption from the existing scheme, whilst still successfully achieving a stunning and aspiring visual impact.  Coupled with great design and efficient luminaires, the energy consumption and life of acdc’s LED’s can make significant and long lasting reductions to lifecycle costs, and based on the previous scheme, it is clear to see the difference in installing LED:

Original scheme

70W Metal Halide bulkheads

Connected load 75W per fitting

Total – 3.6 Kw

Cundall Light4 installed scheme

acdc Blade – 30.6W per fitting = 1.47 Kw

acdc Spek – 2.5W per fitting = 120 W

Light Lab Glowline – 14 W/m = 826 W

Total – 2.42 Kw



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