Lancel Boutiques – France

Location:                                             Rollout across France

Architect:                                             Christophe Pillet

Lighting designer:                                PONCTUELLE – Philippe MOMBELLET

acdc distribution partner:                    ATEA Lighting

acdc products:                                    LED – Morpheus


Located in over 100 of the world’s most infamous cities, the Lancel boutiques are situated amongst the retail elite.  When brand designer, Christophe Pillet decided it was time for a complete refurbishment, he tasked French Lighting Designer, Philippe Mombellet to create a scheme that featured an eco-friendly light concept that integrates the principles of energy saving and sustainable development.

Project brief

The scheme was to create the same atmosphere as in the 1930’s movies, using a kind of “chiaroscuro” (light to dark) effect in each boutique.  Lancel wanted their clients to be welcomed by a warm and comfortable ambiance which would attract them immediately to the products exposed in each recess.  Lancel felt it was important to isolate every bag to give the impression that each one was unique whatever the colour or the materials used.

acdc’s solution

Christophe expressed his desire to use LEDs on this project due to their energy efficient qualities.   ATEA, acdc’s French distribution partner, were involved in the process from the beginning offering advice on energy efficient LED luminaires that would perfectly emphasize the merchandise’s distinctive qualities, whilst importantly protecting the handbags from discoloration or fading.  They had no hesitation in proposing Morpheus, part of acdc’s RETAIL range, as the most suitable product for the project.  acdc’s Morpheus, a compact, internal downlight was chosen for its shallow depth and excellent adjustability which makes it ideal for display, retail and cabinet lighting.   Given the volume of luminaires required across the store, the fact that acdc dual bin all LED’s to ensure colour consistency was also a benefit along with Morpheus’ high lumen output per LED at 700mA. The fitting itself is CNC machined to aerospace tolerances (1/1000mm) from a solid block of architectural grade aluminium and provides an aluminium brushed finish which matched the original concept stores design and Lancel’s reputation for quality perfectly.

A combination of three luminaires at different settings were used to create depth and relief; one narrow beam fitting in 3000°k and a wider beam fitting 4200°k on either side of the merchandise, a third narrow beam fitting in 3000°k was oriented in the back of the recess. Christophe Pillet, who was extremely pleased with the result commented, “It was a real pleasure to use acdc’s LED technology to create the atmosphere and the quality we expected”.

acdc’s global distribution network

Karl Schreiber of ATEA commented, “We were hugely confident in proposing acdc LED luminaires as we knew they would respond to the high quality level of luxury, a brand like Lancel required”.

ATEA proposed the initial lighting scheme with the architect, until lighting designer Ponctuelle were commissioned, at which point they then worked with the designer, presenting and testing the acdc range.

acdc and ATEA also worked closely with Lancel, providing samples, and offering solutions.  They also trained the electricians and were ‘on hand’ at each French store prior to opening to ensure that the products were operating to their full potential, and that the clients were happy with the result.


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