Le Stade d’Echenilly – France

Raise the bar

Lighting Designers: 3IA
Architect: Bruno Freycenon
Electrical engineering company: Santerne

The bar has been raised for local rugby clubs after this incredible construction in the city of Saint André les Vergers in France.

Designed by architect Bruno Freycenon, the 300-seater rugby stand is one-of-a-kind. The objective of the lighting design was to illuminate and highlight the steel diamond shaped roof above.

Before acdc luminaires were chosen for the project, a series of night time mock ups took place. It was during these tests that the architects’ vision was realised.

Overcoming the obstacles

The shape of the roof and the material used were the most important aspects of the project. As metal reflects light like a mirror, it was critical that beam angles and the orientation of spotlights were accurate to avoid areas of darkness and unnecessary glare.

The plans did not include any integration systems for the roof, so luminaires had to be compact and discreet.

PLAZA performs

acdc’s PLAZA 35 in a custom RAL finish matching the metallic beam structure was the product of choice. The right lumen output and lit effect coupled with the surface mount opportunities were winning attributes. 35 fittings were installed in total, grazing the ceiling to provide dynamism to the whole shape.

Zumtobel Group Project Manager, Laurent Mabilotte said, “When you take a photo of the finished installation and you compare it to the lighting design project we made, it is amazing to see how well we managed to achieve the architect’s vision.”

Sister brand Thorn were also involved in the project – kitting the rugby field out with 28 high performance Altis floodlights. An example of the comprehensive solution that these two brands offer for the outdoor lit environment.


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