Marina Bay Sands – Singapore

Location: Marina Bay Sands Events Plaza, Singapore

Lighting Design: Douglas Brennan, Design Director – Project Lighting Design Singapore

Photography: Jonty Cheshire – OnEvent Singapore

Products: Vista

Distributor: CLA Singapore


The Event Plaza forms part of a large public entertainment space at Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort; it is situated in front of the Retail Development, and links down to Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade.  The entertainment space ‘projects’ out into the Bay and is comprised of 6 no. linear sections capable of being raised or lowered on hydraulic jacks to create either an inward or outward, facing tiered platform.

Project brief

Douglas Brennan, Design Director at Project Lighting Design Singapore approached acdc’s distributor CLA Singapore with a project brief.  Both the upper walkway (where this entertainment space is located) and the lower promenade obviously needed to comply with local codes regarding external ambient illumination, and this was generally catered for by the overall, site wide lighting design.  However, the entertainment space fell outside the general area illumination already provided.   The brief, as such, was to provide appropriate illumination that maintained an uninterrupted ‘open’ surface, i.e. no intrusive lighting columns or bollards, but also provided necessary illumination to clearly define circulation paths and steps when operated in a tiered capacity.

acdc and CLA’s solution

The lighting design comprised a series of expressed lines of light, arranged to reflect the geometry of the ‘circulation’, and respond to the dimensions of the platforms.

This solution provides three ‘scenarios’:

  • when relatively empty the linear ‘lines of light’ emphasise the geometry and provide ‘direction, defining the view from the platform across the Bay towards the Cityscape;
  • when occupied the illumination of the people provides a sense of spatial definition and ‘volume’;
  • people moving through the space provide activity through random and sporadic illumination.

acdc’s Vista, a compact linear LED marker light for shallow depth installations provided the optimum specification due to a number of factors.  Vista has the ability to easily specify continuously illuminated lines of light with no interruptions.  It also offers a clean, flangeless, minimal appearance minimising the day time appearance; and with its uniform diffuse illumination has no visible individual LED sources.  Finally, Vista has a very low surface heat in operation, which was imperative due to the very high pedestrian volume within this area.

Douglas Brennan commented “PLD selected the product based on the specific application and their requirement for a product that achieved the necessary optical performance, and equally important, a visually discreet installation.  acdc’s Vista satisfies both criteria.  The product is distributed locally by Creative Lighting Asia, with whom PLD have worked with previously, and they (CLA) have the in-house engineering, technical and logistical support necessary to ensure a successful installation.  The installation continues to provide a visually appropriate and safe solution.”


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