Palazzo Versace – Dubai


Reminiscent of a 16th century Italian Palace, Palazzo Versace Dubai is a neoclassical masterpiece with subtle traces of Arabian architecture. Featuring a striking entrance, high ceilings, landscaped gardens, and a range of well-crafted Italian furnishings, the hotel is truly symbolic of the Versace lifestyle. Set in the heart of the Culture Village, Palazzo Versace Dubai is conveniently located along the shores of the historic Dubai Creek. A walk through the 5-star hotel’s public spaces reveals several exclusive designs and fabrics from the House of Versace, while the lagoon pools and reflection ponds complement the serenity of the lush gardens that surround the hotel – a true luxury retreat for leisure travelers. Every single piece of furniture and fabric that adorns the hotel’s 215 hotel rooms and suites, and 169 residences, is designed and tailor-made by the House of Versace exclusively for the Palazzo Versace Hotel in Dubai.

Project Brief

Light Touch’s design intent for the project was very clear from the get go, inconspicuous luminaires that blend in with the architecture, precision optics to deliver light where required and only 2 step Macadam LEDs over the entire project. Luminaires were required to be unobtrusive and to complement the true essence of the House of Versace Design which a guest begins to experience on arrival at the hotel, in the vast public spaces, beautifully landscaped gardens, outdoor pools, alfresco terraced restaurants and luxury accommodations.

acdc solution

Blade Micro with a custom finish to match the façade and Inground fixture Blade Pro were selected for the façade lighting scheme. The high degree of Glare control provide by these fixtures i.e. the Cowl accessory on Blade Micro and the Micro Louvre on the Iglu met with Light Touch’s strict requirements on the project.

acdc’s IP68 fixture Fino are used extensively in the Water features in the project. In the beautifully landscaped areas multiple of acdc fixtures were selected and these included our miniature floodlight Spek and elegant wall recessed mounted fixtures Mondo and Eclipse.

Cove lighting in the magnificent Gala Ballroom is done with Special RGBW Fino Linear luminaires which was designed specifically as a special product for the Palazzo Versace Project.

In the luxurious accommodations, Light Touch approved the use of acdc micro architectural downlights Arena in standard and tilt versions. Ultra24, acdc’s miniature 24V Linear LED luminaire are utilised to light up the Mini Bars in all the hotel rooms. acdc’s ability to supply Ultra24 in customized lengths to match the unique Mini Bars in every room made it very easy for Light Touch to decide on the product for this application.


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