Phoenix House – UK

Location:                  Jodrell Bank, Cheshire, UK

Client:                      Jake Taylor

Lighting Design:        acdc

acdc LED products:   Evolution, Galaxy


Phoenix House is a new build high end residential property surrounded by traditional and mock-traditional architecture, situated near to Jodrell Bank in Cheshire.  A statement piece for the area, Phoenix House has won over local critics who now view it as a stunning building, promoting modern architecture in countryside surroundings.

Project brief

The client wanted a modern design with a minimal look but one which gave a homely feel to this residential property.  As this was an Eco build, it was important that an energy efficient light source was chosen.

acdc’s solution

acdc’s Northern Sales Engineer, Eliot Horsman presented a design solution that met with all the client’s requirements.

Galaxy fittings, in anodised aluminium silver were used on the staircase.  This compact asymmetrical recessed wall light produces a narrow, pencil beam of light and the minimal flange hides the LED source minimising glare.  Jake Taylor noted that ‘the staircase tread lights were extremely elegant and really looked the part without being too overstated’.

The Evolution Trimless with white reflector was used throughout as its simple clean design provides as little interruption to the ceiling line as possible, whilst its deep recessed LED position also reduces glare.  Commenting on the project, Jake remarked ‘we spent a long time looking for LED downlighters that were trimless and could be plastered into the ceiling to create a minimal and attractive appearance in what is a very contemporary house; most downlights look clunky but acdc’s Evolution is extremely sleek’.  Again, as with the Galaxy luminaires, the warm white 3000°K LEDs created a cosy and homely feel to the bright white finishes of the ceilings, walls and floors.

Jake explained, ‘as the house is designed to be as energy efficient as possible we wanted LED lighting throughout, but were concerned about the quality of light that LED lighting would provide. With acdc we found lights that were beautifully made but that provided a gorgeous, soft yet clear light that wasn’t as stark or monochromatic as many other LED light sources I have seen.’  acdc’s Evolution is incredibly energy efficient with an outstanding lamp efficacy, with highly efficient LED optics harnessing over 85% of light output.

Advanced acdc heat sink technology utilises thermo dynamic technology to dissipate heat away from the LEDs and maintain a cool junction temperature.  The Eco build project includes a special heating system that moves heat from hot areas and deposits it in colder areas.  The heat generated from our heatsink technology is picked up through this system and is used to heat the build itself.

“Thanks acdc for producing some brilliant products and for a great customer experience”, Jake Taylor



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