Porsche Braevern – Bellevue – WA

Client: Porsche Braevern, Bellevue, WA

Lighting Designer: James Sultan, Studio Lux

Products: 360+

When Lead Designer James Sultan and the lighting design team of Studio Lux, LLC in Seattle designed the lighting for the newest Porsche dealership in this discerning area of Bellevue, WA he looked for a fully integrated, yet powerful LED gimbal to illuminate the displayed automobiles in the area right inside the showroom, with the objective to really make them sparkle in all their beauty.

acdc 360+ delivered just what was needed. A trim-less solution of a small, yet powerful double gimbal LED fixture, with field-changeable optics and 2-step McAdam ellipse binning. Even more important was acdc’s flexibility, allowing fixture modifications to be quickly incorporated to accommodate the irregular joist placement in the curving soffit construction.

Easy installation, facilitated through use of a plaster-in frame, with post-finished-ceiling fixture installation and quick-disconnect to the dedicated driver/j-box, allowed the contractor to through-wire fixtures. The quality and ease of usage of acdc’s 360+ made it a perfect choice for this exquisitely designed Porsche dealership.


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