Principal Edinburgh Hotel – UK

The Principal Edinburgh on George St Edinburgh is rich in history, boasting an enviable location in the Edinburgh city centre.

The historic and chic Principal Edinburgh George Street, (formerly The George Hotel) overlooked by Edinburgh Castle and has been welcoming guests since 1881.

This Grade II listed building with its distinctive facade was built in 1775 and has undergone a huge refurbishment project, transforming the majority of the bedrooms and public areas.

The architecturally designed interior has created a sense of restored grandeur with simple detailing and the use of natural materials.  As part of the refurbishment Lighting Design International were commissioned to provide a new lighting scheme for the hotels interior areas and beautiful façade.

The existing metal halide fitting were cumbersome and running costs were expensive compared to the savings you get from an LED luminaire.  The new lighting scheme needed to do a number of things to fit the specification, luminaires needed to accent the architectural elements of this historic hotel with precision, however the fittings needed to be as discreet as possible with hardly any visual impact from the fittings on the architecture.  Glare was also an important consideration alongside the need to keep light pollution to a minimum with maximum energy savings.


Lighting Design International replaced the large existing (energy hungry) metal halide fittings with acdc’s PLAZA architectural floodlight using the same fitting locations to bring the hotels façade to life.

PLAZA ticked a number of boxes on this project.  A family of products were needed to light the different aspects of the architecture, whilst keeping the same look and feel across the whole design.   Colour rendering was a must on this project and PLAZA’s 2 step macadam kept the 2700K colour temperature consistent across the hotel frontage and the new luminaires needed to be more efficient than the outdated existing lighting. (a massive advantage with LED technology)

Light tests and mock-up were carried out prior to selection in order to accent the vertical beans and decorative elements of this beautiful building.

PLAZA 10 and PLAZA 20 with 10° optics were used to pick out the detail, glare shields an half cowls were utitilised to minimise light spill and light pollution.  Our RAL customisation ensure the fittings were “camouflaged” as much as possible, finished in the colour of the stonework bending seamlessly within the architecture.

The design by Lighting Design International carefully considers the historic and architectural elements of the building.  The façade is made up of three tiers, starting from the ground floor upwards PLAZA 10s on custom arms brackets were also used to downlight the archway elements down towards the floor and  welcoming visitor to the hotel by down-lighting both sides of the main entrance.

The main pillars were up-lit with eight PLAZA 20’s with highly efficient 10 degree optics to pick out the detail and accentuate their height.  The top of the building is brought to life with ten PLAZA 10’s grazing up the smaller pillars and decorative window reveals.  All the fittings were fitted with DALI dimmable control system for complete control of the overall scheme.

The result – a stunning design, that brings this already stunning design to life.


Photography – Gavriil Papadiotis (’



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