Royal Opera House – UK


Architect: Stanton Williams
Lighting Designer: Studio Fractal
Photography: James Newton 

London’s Royal Opera House was given a new lease of life following a spectacular programme of refurbishment by architects Stanton WIlliams. The Grade I listed building has been opened up – bringing people closer to the arts.

A new café, restaurant and shop provide welcoming spaces with events and displays transforming the foyers and entrances.

StudioFractal provided a comprehensive lighting design to the Open Up areas – as well as a new lighting scheme for the Paul Hamlyn Hall and a comprehensive exterior lighting design.

In the spotlight

acdc’s PLAZA S3x bring the sparkle to Paul Hamlyn Hall. Once a flower market, it now functions as a restaurant and champagne bar and occasional performance space. The project’s Lighting Designer, Chris Sutherland (StudioFractal) explained, “The PLAZA S3x is used within Paul Hamlyn Hall to gently highlight the rhythm of architectural features and columns within the space, bringing it to life at night whilst respecting the architecture.”

In ground floor showcases, the small, adjustable DARC PRO was used to draw attention to theatrical displays and illuminate artefacts on foyer shelves.

Lit for a queen

Outside, Covent Garden’s piazza and retail colonnade is decked out with PLAZA 10 floodlights. Drawing in the crowds, these compact surface-mounted gems dramatically emphasise the building’s façade creating shafts of light that graze upwards.

In the limelight

StudioFractal received well deserved recognition for this project. Shortlisted for a Lighting Design Award in the category ‘Leisure Project of the Year’.


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