Stadkamer – Netherlands

Client: Zwolle
Lighting Design; Zumtobel
acdc products: Blade

Formed out of Zwolle library and arts centre, Stadkamer is a new organisation and a hub for information and advice, education and development, language, literature, performances, art and culture. It’s a place where families and friends can read and borrow books, study and work, socialise and meet for coffee.

Stadkamer was opened following a 5,900sqm library extension and renovation of a former city hall office building. acdc secured the contract to illuminate a frosted canal plate curtain wall façade following the agreement to do several mock-ups, both in a warehouse and on site, to ensure the desired lit effect would be achieved.

The power of acdc’s Blade Micro luminaire in combination with its compact dimensions was another a key influencer behind Stadkamer’s decision to choose acdc.

Project brief

The defining feature of Stadkamer’s building is a frosted canal plate curtain wall façade, which is one of the first cortex façades in the Netherlands. The façade was to be lit from within using dynamic colour changing lighting technology, which would create a striking, even illumination.

acdc solution

Delivering up to 4,100lm per metre, Blade Micro RGB is a powerful, wall grazing linear LED luminaire providing an even wash of light up to 10 metres. Available in standard or extra bright formats, and ideally suited to the requirements of this lighting project, Blade Micro provides a continuous and powerful light output with excellent colour rendering.

For this installation, Blade Micro uses 18×64° optics. It is mounted end-to-end for a continuous wallwash effect at the top of the curtain wall at a height of 7.7 metres. Blade’s narrow elliptical beam creates an even light from top to bottom, helped by the reflecting surface on the bottom of the concrete wall and façade, which reflects light upwards. The surface and structure of plates also reflect the light in a diffuse way to create a homogenous lighting effect.

The installation is completed with two DMX CueCore solid-state controllers that enable individual LED control and 0-100% dimming to create fully controlled lighting scenes.

The translucent façade gives an understated appearance during daylight hours but once darkness falls, the building takes on an almost magical appearance of a glowing box.

The lighting creates a fun, exciting atmosphere and can reflect what’s happening inside with so many changing colours and tones. Stadkamer’s logo is always visible and everyone can see the building is alive and bustling.



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