The John Ryland’s Library – UK

Location: The John Rylands Library, Manchester, UK

Products: Fusion 24 & 48, Plaza


The John Rylands Library is a late-Victorian neo-Gothic building located in Deansgate, the main throughfair in the city of Manchester, England. The library, which opened to the public in 1900, was founded by Enriqueta Augustina Rylands in memory of her husband, John Rylands.  Now part of the University of Manchester the library is open to both the public and students alike and presented us with beautiful contrasting canvasses of neo-gothic and modern architecture to illuminate using our Fusion flood light family.

It was an absolute pleasure to watch Fusion effortlessly graze up and across the otherwise stark white 30m high reception atrium using a combination of reds and blues with acdc’s Plaza family providing white accent lighting within the tall, narrow windows.

Satisfied Fusion delivered the desired effects in the main atrium, we then turned our attention to the depths of the unlit neo gothic stairwells. From ground level and with no additional ambient lighting, Fusion had absolutely no trouble in punching up the 30m tall ‘Shawk’ stone walls, expertly picking out the details of the building’s beautiful vaulted and corniced ceilings.

We are sure Mrs Ryland would have approved of our temporary enhancements!

We would like to thank the team at The John Rylands Library and the University of Manchester for their cooperation and permission for us to undertake these photo shoots.


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