Troia Cathederal – Italy

Built in the first quarter of the 12th century,Troia Cathedral  in Apulia region of Italy is dedicated to the Assumption of the blessed Virgin Mary. .

This beautifully preserved and carefully maintained monument stands is recognized one of the jewels of Apulian Romanesque architecture.  The Cathedral’s facade is of significant importance and extraordinary beauty full of symbolic meanings with its magnificent bronze door with symbolic decorations which has been admired by locals and visitors for centuries.

Project brief

Owners of this historical monument the Diocese of Lucera-Troia, the Apulia Region and the Municipality of Troia authority approached world renowned architects Stefano Cibelli and Piero Guadagno and Giordana Arcesilai to provide an innovative lighting scheme to enhance the interior space.

An innovative lighting scheme with low energy consumption was required to highlight the architectural detail whilst remaining respectful to the original structure and the functionality of the space.  The interior is a three-nave-shaped Latin cross, containing a central nave.   Two side aisles are separated by two impressive rounded arched arcades of 6 marble columns each with a double first column seen when entering the main door, thus making a total of thirteen marble columns.

Careful consideration was required when lighting the beautiful carved wooden crucifix by Pietro Frasa, which is linked to the town’s popular traditions and festivals. Of particular ceremonial importance, are the stone pulpit and the two chapels, that of the patron saints and the Chapel of the Assumption from which the cathedral takes its name.


acdc and Thorn from the Zumtobel group have provided, innovative technology and products that meet three lighting criteria: for ceremonial purposes, artistry and architectural highlighting, together with a touch screen lighting control system is

Pre-programmed to the different needs of the space allowing the lighting scheme to be tuned to suit specific functions or required mood, changing from a solemn scene during ceremonial services, to an artistic theme whilst sightseeing groups are visiting the building to create drama and highlight the architectural beauty of the monument.

Illumination of the central heart of the building was solved with Thorn’s SATIN 2 linear projectors alongside the beams and with QBA projectors for the general lighting placed laterally.  In the side aisles, INTEGREX linear fittings provided arched lighting with ARTEMIS spotlights for Via Crucis have been placed on the capitals.

The cathedral of Troy is full of history, charm and culture, and the new lighting enhances the liturgies and celebrations, improves tourist’s enjoyment and experience whilst remaining respectful of the cathedral’s religious function




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