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The acdc downlight range is now available with a choice of acdc or Xicato light engines.

To make it easier for you as a specifier to select the best luminaire solution for your specification, a summary of each engine option is listed here including the features and benefits of each choice:

acdc engines

Offer a wide choice of optics which are:

• Interchangeable on-site
• Super-efficient

They include acdc designed, highly effective heat sinks, which, thanks to our
strong design and engineering expertise include acdc heat pipe technology
to deliver guaranteed product life time performance.

acdc light engines are available in Azeta, 360+, Evolution, Pro Evolution, Mini
Pro Evolution, Hurricane 50, Hurricane 35, Storm and Frame. See the light
engine matrix for more details.

acdc engine names have changed to reflect their traditional light source alternatives, however, their output performances are far greater

Xicato XTM engines
• Provide a single point source downlight option
• Are available in 3 light outputs
• Deliver extra high CRI options

acdc have carefully selected only the best reflectors available to ensure we
offer a variety of beam angles with smooth colour consistency across the
beam with acdc Xicato XTM downlights.

Xicato light engines are available in Azeta Round, Storm and Frame.

Please click here for full details of each engine




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